Iron Works

IRON Works

Add decorative elements to your home with our gorgeous iron works. High quality, durable, and beautiful, our work is a perfect addition to your furniture. Give your home the rustic yet industrial look that is currently all the trend.  We offer a great selection of iron works at New England Antique Lumber Inc.

New England Antique Lumber Inc. provides quality iron works that can be crafted into furniture that is as much a work of art as it is functional.

THE PERFECT Entranceway

We offer custom wood door choices of all different colors, sizes, and styles.

We can custom-build your door so it fits your specific doorway and has the look you want. We can create arched doors, square doors, barn doors, wooden doors with glass windows, and more. Our doors are perfect for any home.

Call New England Antique Lumber Inc. today and speak to our experts about finding a custom wood door for your home or business. We can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by our showroom and check out the best options for your property. 

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